Billings Audience Says Its Important to Preserve Historic Culture


This year Shen Yun’s North America Company arrived in Billings, Montana for just one evening performance. The audience welcomed the group with a full house and two curtain calls.

Elichai Fowler, a jewelry designer for his own company, felt inspired after watching a performance at Alberta Bair Theater on March 12.

“I saw many color combinations that are unusual and were very inspiring to me personally. Of course, I was already thinking of gemstones to put together,” he said. “The modesty was refreshing to me. It was more about the beauty of the dance, and the color, and the form, and just a more modest presentation, which I personally enjoy.”

“The fitness and the athleticism of the dancers … to do that for that long of a time, you got to be in really, really good shape,” said Ron Glass, a telecom analyst. ” And so, just the dedication that I know they put in for years and years to be able to be that fit, to be able to dance like that was really spectacular.

Montana’s leaders and government welcomed Shen Yun’s first performance in Billings, Montana on March 12. (Ken Li/NTD)

He attended the performance with his wife, Connie Glass. They expressed the importance of preserving a culture that was nearly lost after the Chinese Cultural Revolution.

“Just learned a lot about … what they kind of believe, what their historical values were before Communism came in there. And just, kind of their outlook on people, that people around the world are all the same, and all looking for the same thing,” said Mr. Glass.

“I think the message of caring and being compassionate towards other people and not getting caught up,” said Ms. Glass “You know I laugh about the technology because I so relate to that, because I have a son who’s that age, and I’m getting just as bad as he is. And to realize that there is a higher power, that you know, you need to rely on him.”

“Right now, we’re being persecuted in Russia,” said Jake Lambrecht, an electrical designer at ECI Electrical Consultants, Inc. “When they portrayed the persecution in China, the way they did during the dance, hit home. What is wrong with being a loving, caring person that believes in the divine creator? There’s nothing.”

“A lot of what was perceived to be divinely inspired was considered to be not good for modern age, and destroyed by Communism, which is unfortunate. You know, rather than preserving the historical cultural values,” said Mr. Fowler.

“We deeply believe in the Creator. Just like they brought out there, He’s going to come, and he’s going to set everything straight,” said Mr. Lambrecht. “When he stopped the tsunami … It takes somebody divine to be able to control nature.”

Steve Bullock, governor of Montana, Bill Cole, mayor of Billings, and leaders from several districts welcomed Shen Yun’s first time in Billings with proclamations.

NTD News, Billings, Montana